so what. so i have a smile on. it's hiding all the quiet superstions in my head...


back to the old scenery

my quiet superstitions have taken permanent residence at my xanga site


enjoy your day my dear...

so, the 28th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN MINA! to one of my dearest friends on his birthday. i wish you the best. through the years, you've seen me through a lot. thanks for always being there. love you lots and i wish you only the best. and for your own good, i will tag team with debbie to crush the scorpion. HAHAAAAAA. gb


counting the days again

a week's come and gone, and as soon as it's done, it seems like it was a lifetime ago. it's always so much harder to say goodbye, the more time you spend together. one visit's come and least this next time around i don't have to count so many days.


to the best years of your life!

debbie, my dear. happy belated birthday. i called yesterday but i want to be able to put this on the blog. you are such an amazing person. this is such a big birthday. you have been there through my toughest times and my best times in the past 3 years. thank you for everything. hahaaa. from wiping up any of my spills to putting me in my place when i let things get the best in me. you're my reality check. hahaa. and we know how that gets. i wish you the best in everything. and i mean EVERYTHING!!! i love you.



part 1

so yesterday i was at my brother's convocation ceremony. after 4 years of all-nighters and exams and all that university stuff, he is DONE! officially. welcome to the world of office, coffee, and golf tournaments. Ritchie, congratulations! Things have gone well for you, i only hope they get better because i know you deserve it. i think this change in schedule of yours is awesome. i get to see you now.:)


part 2

i have always been the type of person who will try to avoid conflict. most especially with my friends. i hate having to argue, having to burst bubbles, and the whole lot of it. i wasn't impressed with one of my best friends, and i didn't want to bother to have to talk to that person about it at all. but, God watches my back, and knew i had to say something or i would burst or just allow the trust and the respect in that friendship to wither away. so He gave me the perfect opportunity to do so. i got what i wanted to say off my mind, and now i can understand where the person is coming from. my advise: if you really respect a person, you need to be honest with how you feel, good or bad and if you do it out of concern, not out of anger, and pray about it beforehand, God will work wonders.


part 2.5

i can't wait until tomorrow! 2...1....


birthday wishes, again

since it's the 12th in the philippines already, i might as well do this today. happy birthday xavy padilla! the most relational ftw i've met. hahaa.. like that? thanks for everything xavs. i wish you the best today. too bad we can't sent you kkd from up here. *wink* God bless.


the world has gone topsy turvy!

so the cup has eluded canadian soil once again. how weird is this world, that a state that doesn't even have winter, where it doesn't snow, where the temperature doesn't drop below 0 degrees has now become the home of the stanley cup. but then again we are watching people skate on ice in june. what can you do? there's always next year i guess...